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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Almost all us can say we know someone affected by Cancer.

I'm Ray, the owner of The Giving.

For me, I had three aunts die from Cancer and last year Alma and I battled it together. 

We were in and out of City of Hope at all hours of the day and night while City of Hope and God helped her to beat this.

I want to help others like they helped Alma. Although it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to help anyone who has fought or currently is battling any type of Cancer.

We will give 10% of October’s earnings to City Of Hope so they can help your friends and family too.

Group Picture
In the picture above, you see women who have beat Cancer, some as many as four times in their lives!

In the month of October we will share each of their incredible journeys with you.

You will be inspired and realize all the little things we worry about are pointless when others are fighting to live.

We Did It!

Together we are making a difference! Your continued support of our mission is deeply gratifying to us, and we hope it is the same for you. During the month of October, we were able to bring awareness of Breast Cancer through inspirational stories and raise funds to donate to City of Hope!

Because of your purchases in October we were able to Give $4,000.00 to City of Hope on behalf of Alma. The money is designated to help the department and Dr. Patel & Dr. Kruper at City of Hope. They are the doctors that helped Alma beat Cancer. The money is specifically for research to help people with her2 Positive Cancer.

Thank You For Helping Us Help People.

The Giving

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