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Help for Teachers


In the Month of August, We donated Free School Supplies for Teachers.

Teachers were able to visit our boutique and

receive FREE paper, pencils, backpacks

and snacks for their classroom with no purchase necessary.

Giving Back To Teachers

(From Left To Right: Tamara Baze, Vanessa Johnson and Val Lopez)

Meet a few Teachers from Roynon Elementry School.

Tamara Baze is a third grade teacher and both Vanessa Johnson and Val Lopez are fourth grade teachers.

They just want to thank you for the Free paper, pencils, backpacks and snacks.

Thanks to your help, we have given away to 34 different teachers in varied school districts!!

We gave out 120 Erasers,195 Backpacks,

520 Glue Sticks, 2,340 Pencils, 2,650 Treats and 5,000 Sheets of Paper!

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